CIP - Fire and Rescue

CIP - Fire and Rescue

The Fire and Rescue portion of the proposed fiscal years 2023-2028 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) totals $579,000 in FY2023. More information about the first-year requests can be found below. Refer to the CIP book a complete list of projects and descriptions proposed for fiscal years 2024 through 2028.

Ambulance Replacement

The life expectancy of a City of Dover ambulance is eight years, with four years of frontline service and four years as a backup. The FY2023 purchase would replace a 2021 ambulance. It also includes an $11,000 placeholder to replace an existing 2008 power stretcher with this vehicle delivery. 

Cost: $271,000

Frontline Vehicle Corrosion Repair 

This project would fix corrosion on the ladder platform of Truck 1 and update worn items. Truck 1 is the older of the two Fire and Rescue's aerial apparatus'. With this fix, estimated the service life of this vehicle would be through 2028. The vehicle would then be 20 years old and have an estimated one million miles. Current vehicle replacement cost is approximately $1,350,000.

Cost: $100,000

Protective Gear

This is part of an ongoing program to fund the replacement of firefighting protective gear. This protective gear allows firefighters to enter untenable atmospheres and fire situations to rescue victims. This gear is used regularly and is essential to emergency responses. This program purchases one complete protective gear set for each firefighter every five years, meeting national standards.

Cost: $208,000