Starting in 1996, Dover Youth to Youth instituted a scholarship program to recognize members of Y2Y for their effort and leadership.  To be eligible for a Y2Y scholarship, a member must have been active for at least 4 years and remained active into their senior year of high school.  The scholarships can be used to defray expenses at any post-secondary school or program.

Since 1996, over $23,300 has been awarded to Y2Y students through this scholarship program.  Past recipients are listed below:

1996Kristen Fuller2007LeAnne LeClair2016Adrienne Dwyer
1997Katherine Dobbins2007Sarah Dudley2016Jordan Schneider
2000Robert Dunn 2008Tyler Burdwood2016Jordan Lippmeier 
2001Jeremy Collette2008Abby Smith2017Avery  Munoz
2001Cheney Davis2009Julia Huggins2017Haley Demers
2002Matthew Fischer2009 Emily Martuscello2017Alec Willett
 2002Beth Herlihy2009 Jenna LeClair2017Conor Wiley
2002 Kari Fitch2010Molly Martuscello2017Sarah Daniels
2002 Robin Trefethen2010 Cait Steward
2002 Mandi Miller2010 Stephen Ross
2003Andrew McLean2010Paige Dickie
2003Kristin Yates2011Olivia Loos
2003 Venessa Fortuna2011Clara Patience
2004Vicki Hebert2011Brendan Dion
2004Jen Cooke2011 Merritt McLaughlin
2004 Melissa Cooke2012Matthew Brough
2004 Lindsey Morris2013Maddie Retrosi
2005Genevieve Laflamme2013Abby Martinen
2005Kyle Stucker2013 Kaitlyn Hutchins
2006Kaitlyn Reilly2013 Paige Niler 
2006 Kayla Hampe2013Adam Glidden
2006Lorelle Dennis2013 Alexis Marsh
2006 Amanda Naples2014Brian Eldridge
2006 Scarlet Silver2014Annie Batchelder
2006 Stephen Dunn2015Emily Simons
  2015Jessie Mau
  2015 Nick Piscitello