Sponsorship and Donations

Sponsorships and Donations

About Supporting the Dover Police Charities, Inc. 

Anyone who would like to donate services, product or funds to generally support Dover Police Charities activities or programs may reach us as indicated below. Sponsorships of this type help the Dover Police Charities expand the range of things it can accomplish while providing an opportunity for you to get involved in the community.  

Can I sponsor a specific Activity or Program? 

Yes.  Some individuals or businesses may prefer to connect their contribution to a specific type of activity or event that they want to support.  Donations may be targeted to a specific category of activity - such as Drug Prevention.  In this case we would apply 100% of the donation to one or more drug prevention programs like DARE or Dover Youth to Youth.

A donor could also specify that their donation be applied directly to a  specific  event such as Dover Night Out or a specific program such as the Holiday Food Basket Program.  In any of these cases, the donor's wishes are honored and 100% of their donation goes to support the intended purpose.

How to contact us about supporting the Dover Police Charities: 

If you would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities or how you could help us in meeting our goals, you may use any of the following means to contact the Dover Police Charities, Inc:

ABOUT ANY DONATION:  Call William Simons at (603) 742-4646 or email him at w.simons@dover.nh.gov .


GOLF TOURNAMENT:  To be a sponsor of the Dover Police Charities Fall Classic Golf Tournament, please contact Vicki Harris at 603-516-3279 or v.harris@dover.nh.gov.

FOOD BASKET PROGRAM:  To support the Police Department's Holiday Basket Program for the needy, contact Lieutenant Mark Nadeau  at (603) 742-4646 or email him at m.nadeau@dover.nh.gov . 

DRUG FREE ID:  If your business wants to participate in the Drug Free ID program by offering a discount to students holding an ID, contact Captain David Terlemezian phone 603-742-4646 or email him at d.terlemezian@dover.nh.gov.