2024 District 11 Special Election


A special election will be held to fill the Strafford District 11 state representative seat on Tuesday, March 12, 2024. The two candidates on the ballot are Democrat Erik Johnson of Lee, and Republican Joseph E. Bazo of Madbury. 

The special election will fill the seat that became vacant after the death of Rep. Hoy Robert Menear of Lee in November 2023.

A special primary election was held on Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2024. 

For more information about the election, visit the New Hampshire Secretary of State Office's election webpage https://www.sos.nh.gov/elections/2023-2024-special-elections/strafford-county-district-11.

Absentee Ballot Applications Available

Click here for an absentee ballot application. 

Special Election Sample Ballot

Primary Results

Dover's Strafford District 11 Primary results are as follows:

Primary Sample Ballots

Absentee Ballot Applications Available