Court Street and Union Street Reconstruction Project

This project would complete a full road reconstruction on Union Street and Court Street from Central Avenue to Middle/Back Road. After a competitive bid process in Spring 2021, a design consultant is working to create engineering plans to allow the City to go out to bid and begin construction, currently targeted to begin 2023. Click here for the project page for more details about the project, including how to sign up for email updates. 

Fifth Street and Grove Street Reconstruction Project

This project includes upgrading underground utilities and addressing the conditions of the drainage, roadway and sidewalks on Fifth Street and Grove Street, from Fourth Street to Sixth Street. The firm Woodard & Curran of Andover, Massachusetts, is the contracted design consultant for the project, which began work in 2022. Work to date has included geotechnical borings to investigate subsurface conditions within the project area, video inspection of the existing stormwater drain, sewer main and sewer services and creating base surveys. The goal is to have final design plans ready for both projects by the end of 2022 to allow the projects to go for bid and for construction work to begin in 2023. Click here for the dedicated project page.

Inflow and Infiltration

This project is to reduce the amount of inflow and infiltration (I/I) from stormwater during heavy rain events, which can overwhelm the Wastewater Treatment Plant and disrupt the treatment process. In efforts to reduce I/I, the city contracted to review approximately 125 miles of gravity sewer main within the City of Dover. With the assistance of consultants, flow meters were installed at points in the sewer system to help narrow the locations of high levels of I/I. The meters registered the downtown area with highest amount of I/I, which the City is now taking steps to address. The first project is installing a new sewer pipe underneath the Spaulding Turnpike in the area of Elliot Park on one side and Mill Street on the other. In March 2021, the City Council selected Northeast Earth Mechanics after a competitive bid process to complete the project at a cost not to exceed $742,000. Work began in summer of 2021 and is expected to be complete mid-fall. The next phase of the project includes repairing maintenance holes and other sewer pipes. Work includes removal of roots, mineral build-up and debris, and grouting of cracks and leaking joints. After a competitive bid process, the City Council in June 2021 awarded the bid for the project to Instituform Technologies, LLC. 

Portland Avenue Retaining Wall

The City plans to replace the retaining wall along Portland Avenue near Cochecho Street. In spring 2021, the City solicited a request for proposals (RFP) from qualified firms for design services tasked with evaluating current conditions and develop design engineering plans for the project. In May 2021, after a competitive bid process, the City Council selected Wright-Pierce for designs services at a cost not to exceed $79,900. 

Pudding Hill Water Treatment Plant Construction

The City is working with Underwood Engineers to design water system improvements off Mast Road. Underwood Engineers are currently designing a water treatment plant to treat the water from the City's two wells behind the public works facility. The Planning Board approved the project's site review application in May 2021. The project went out to bid in September 2021. On Nov. 11, 2021, the City Council selected Penta Corporation of Moultonborough to complete the task at its bid price of $13,927,910. Project competition is anticipated in 18 to 24 months.  

River Street Pump Station Upgrades

Community Services is planning upgrades to the sewage pump station at River Street that will include odor control. 

Sidewalk Improvements

Each year, Community Services Department establishes a list of sidewalks considered to be a high priority for upgrades. The sidewalks selected for upgrades are designed by the Engineering Division and a construction firm is selected via competitive bid. In 2022, a new sidewalk is being constructed on Whittier Street, from Sixth Avenue to Glenwood Avenue. Click here for the dedicated project page.

Stormwater Asset Management 

The City is working with New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (DES) through the State Revolving Fund Program to build upon the existing stormwater asset management program. This project will allow the city to apply condition assessment and prioritization concepts to the city’s subsurface stormwater system located in the most urbanized part of the city. The information gathered will be utilized to identify and fund necessary capital improvement projects.

Street Paving Program

This is an annual program to repave roads as part of Community Services' road surface management program. The project went out to bid on March 14, 2022 for the 2022 season. Click here for streets planned for repaving in 2022. Click here for the paving condition index (PCI) for all City streets. 

Water Meter Replacement

Community Services is working to upgrade all water meters. Many have been replaced, but many still need replacement. It is a priority of Community Services in 2022.