Dover Point Road Roundabout

updated 11/8/2022

Design work underway; construction pushed out until funding is available

Engineered design work for the planned improvements to the intersection of Dover Point Road with Pointe Place and Sheffield Drive continues to be developed by consultant Green International Affiliates, Inc, of Tewksbury, Massachusetts. However, construction of the roundabout will not occur next year as planned to allow the completion of higher-priority projects.

The project was added to the Capital Improvements Program last year, covering fiscal years 2023-2028. It called for design work during FY2023, which is underway, and construction to occur in FY2024.

The project was pushed out to a future CIP to allow projects in critical need of funding to move forward. With construction prices on the rise, the funds allotted for the roundabout were reallocated towards those critical projects and not included in the projects for FY2024-2029 approved by the City Council on Oct. 26. However, the project remains a priority on the city's long-range capital project list and may be moved up as funding allows.

City engineers have directed the design consultant to bring the design work to 90% completion, incorporating feedback from the Aug. 2 neighborhood meeting. Once brought to 90%, the project will be tabled until funding is available. Bringing the project to 90% completion allows the consultant to incorporate any necessary modifications to the design as a result of moving the project into a future fiscal year.

When the project moves toward the construction phase, a neighborhood meeting will be held to review the project and any planned disruptions.

About the project

The City of Dover is undertaking improvements to the intersection of Pointe Place and Sheffield Drive with Dover Point Road. Intersection improvements include the construction of a roundabout to accommodate increased traffic in the area. The project was included in the FY2023-2028 Capital Improvements Plan adopted by the City Council. 

The Pointe Place development project triggered a requirement for traffic control improvements to the intersection with Dover Point Road. More than ten years ago, a signalized intersection was proposed for the improvement; however, since that time, the city and state instead decided to pursue a roundabout option. The private developer is responsible for a cost-share due to the impact on the public way of Dover Point Road. The city has received a $200,000 contribution from the private developer, which would have funded the cost for a new signalized intersection. The city had planned to put the project out to bid for construction by the end of 2022, but has now pushed back the construction schedule to allow more critical projects to move forward. 

Neighborhood meeting held on Aug. 2, 2022

The City of Dover held neighborhood meeting on Aug. 2, 2022, to discuss the planned improvements at the intersection of Pointe Place and Sheffield Drive with Dover Point Road.

At the meeting, engineers discussed the scope of the project, traffic control alternatives and a tentative timeline of the project. 

Email updates

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