Fifth Street & Grove Street Reconstruction Project

Two-week project outlook

Monday, July 1 through Wednesday, July 3

  • Water main installation on Fifth Street (Fourth to Grove), and Grove Street (Fourth to Lincoln).
  • Parking restrictions: No parking on Fifth Street from Fourth to Grove. No parking on Grove Street from Fourth to Lincoln.

Thursday, July 4 and Friday, July 5

  • No work.

Monday, July 8 through Friday, July 12

  • Drainage installation on Fifth Street, including work in the Chestnut Street intersection.
  • Parking restrictions: No parking on Fifth Street from Chestnut to Grove.
  • Traffic restrictions: The work on Chestnut Street will require either a detour or a single lane of alternating traffic. More information will included in the next update.

Please note, the above schedule is subject to change due to weather and other conditions.

Unitil installing gas main on Grove Street

Unitil contractors will begin installing a new gas main on Grove Street between Fifth and Sixth streets starting this week, with work estimated to continue through Friday, July 12. The contractors will have flaggers to help manage traffic. The work is separate from the city's reconstruction project.

Please return Permission to Enter forms

The city still needs Permission to Enter forms from a few property owners. Permission to Enter temporarily allows the contractor to be on private property to perform project work, such as constructing sidewalks.

Please return the forms to the City of Dover as soon as possible. Questions? Contact Assistant City Engineer Jillian Semprini, P.E. at or 603-516-6450.

Tree removal

As a matter of policy, the City of Dover tries to avoid tree removal at all costs unless necessary for a project.

Last year, the city contracted with a consultant expert to complete a city-wide condition and assessment of all public-owned sidewalks and pedestrian ramps. The consultant rated the sidewalk conditions in the Fifth and Grove project area to be poor to fair condition, and most were not compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The project will provide five-foot-wide concrete ADA sidewalks compliant to ensure they are accessible for all. In most locations, they will also include a vegetated buffer between the sidewalk and the road. Unfortunately, 15 trees are being removed to provide an adequate and safe travel way, with sidewalks and parking on both sides of the street within the limited public right-of-way. However, 19 new trees will be planted, including Red Maple, Northern Red Oak and Sweet Gum Tree. These improvements will ultimately benefit the neighborhood by ensuring a safer, more functional, and resilient infrastructure.

The project is in line with the City of Dover’s Central Business District (CBD) Street Tree Plan, endorsed by the Planning Board, which includes provisions for strategic tree replacements. The CBD Street Tree Plan prioritizes the retention of existing trees, when possible, but recognizes the need to remove trees that are no longer appropriate for a site. The city views street trees as a critical part of an urban forest that provides a wide range of ecological, social, and economic benefits. Among the city’s goals for enhancing tree canopy cover include improving stormwater management, filtering air pollutants, and lowering surface and air temperatures, as stated in the CBD Street Plan and the Master Plan’s Climate Adaptation Chapter. Street trees planted today typically have tap roots and deeper and more vertical roots as they have been found to promote greater infiltration than species with fibrous roots and more lateral, shallower roots. Deeper roots can help preserve sidewalks longer than trees with roots that tend to spread horizontally.

Careful consideration has been put into the recommended species selections in the CBD Street Tree Plan due to the environment that street trees inhabit which can involve poor drainage, limited sunlight, concentration of car exhaust and animal waste, and the presence of public infrastructure that can incur damage from tree roots and branches as well as interfere with tree growth. As part of the Fifth and Grove project outreach, the public also participated in surveys to help the city decide which trees to plant.

With all of these aspects in mind, the new street trees will be planted in a manner that promotes the life of the tree and a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing streetscape, contributing to the overall improvements of the project. There is also an effort underway to plant an additional 20 street trees in other areas around the CBD in the near term.

City Council awards construction bid

The Dover City Council at its March 27, 2024 meeting unanimously authorized awarding the construction bid for the Fifth and Grove Reconstruction Project to  N. Granese & Sons of Salem, Massachusetts for a cost not to exceed $5,147,405. Click here for the resolution. 

The Council also authorized engineering consultant Woodard & Curran, of Andover, Massachusetts to provide construction oversight, which includes a resident engineer on the project site, for $436,000. This brings their contract total to $713,409, which also includes creating engineered construction documents. Click here for the resolution. 

City staff will organize a neighborhood meeting with the public and the contractor to discuss the project scope and impacts before work begins, which is anticipated to start later this spring.

About the project

The City of Dover has targeted Fifth Street and Grove Street for reconstruction to upgrade underground utilities and address drainage concerns and roadway/sidewalk conditions. 

The City of Dover is committed to a multi-modal approach to roadway design, particularly in urban residential areas. The City of Dover has tasked the design consultant to design the reconstruction project so that streets and sidewalks are safe and accessible for all users regardless of age, physical ability or mode of transport. To that end, the project will incorporate the City of Dover's Complete Streets & Traffic Calming Guidelines. The design consultant is evaluating utilities as part of creating its initial base survey of the project.  

Neighborhood meetings held

April 30, 2024

City staff held a preconstruction neighborhood meeting on the Fifth and Grove Reconstruction Project on April 30, 2024 at the Dover Police Station, 46 Chestnut St. Staff from the construction contractor, N. Granese & Sons., and the design engineering consultant, Woodard & Curran, discussed the project and answered questions.

The project begins in May 2024 and continues through December 2024, weather and other conditions permitting. Final paving will occur in 2025.

July 10, 2023

Community Services hosted neighborhood meeting about the project on July 10 at the McConnell Center. At the meeting, staff reviewed the draft engineered plans with the public. The reconstruction project, scheduled as part of the City's Capital Improvements Program, will encompass roadway reconstruction, upgrading underground utilities, and addressing drainage, roadway, and sidewalk conditions.

July 19, 2022

Community Services hosted neighborhood meeting about the project on July 19 at the Community Services public works facility at 271 Mast Road. At the meeting, the city staff and the design consultant went over the project goals gathered insight and ideas from residents, businesses and community members. 

Email updates

As the project develops, the City of Dover plans regular email updates to help residents and businesses plan for the construction disruption. To sign up for these updates, visit, and add “Project update: Fifth Street and Grove Street Reconstruction” to your current email subscription list. 

Map of project area