Fifth Street & Grove Street Reconstruction Project

Project out to bid

The Fifth Street and Grove Street Reconstruction Project has been advertised to potential contractors as of Feb. 1, 2024, with bids due by 2 p.m. on March 7, 2024.

If bids come in as projected, city staff anticipate the City Council to award the construction bid in late March or early April 2024. Once the bid is awarded, the city will schedule a neighborhood meeting with the contractor to review the project and answer any questions.

Tree waivers have been mailed to property owners within the project limits who own trees located in the public right of way that are deemed necessary for removal as part of this project. Please return the enclosed Owner Response Form to the City of Dover as soon as possible. Permission to Enter forms will be mailed out soon to property owners within the project limits who may be temporarily impacted by the project.

About the project

The City of Dover has targeted Fifth Street and Grove Street for reconstruction to upgrade underground utilities and address drainage concerns and roadway/sidewalk conditions. 

The City of Dover is committed to a multi-modal approach to roadway design, particularly in urban residential areas. The City of Dover has tasked the design consultant to design the reconstruction project so that streets and sidewalks are safe and accessible for all users regardless of age, physical ability or mode of transport. To that end, the project will incorporate the City of Dover's Complete Streets & Traffic Calming Guidelines. The design consultant is evaluating utilities as part of creating its initial base survey of the project.  

Neighborhood held on July 10, 2023

Community Services hosted neighborhood meeting about the project on July 10 at the McConnell Center. At the meeting, staff reviewed the draft engineered plans with the public. The reconstruction project, scheduled as part of the City's Capital Improvements Program, will encompass roadway reconstruction, upgrading underground utilities, and addressing drainage, roadway, and sidewalk conditions.

Neighborhood held on July 19, 2022

Community Services hosted neighborhood meeting about the project on July 19 at the Community Services public works facility at 271 Mast Road. At the meeting, the city staff and the design consultant went over the project goals gathered insight and ideas from residents, businesses and community members. 

Email updates

As the project develops, the City of Dover plans regular email updates to help residents and business plans for the construction disruption. To sign-up for these updates, visit, add “Project update: Fifth Street and Grove Street Reconstruction” to your current email subscription list. 

Map of project area