Community Services Utilities Division

Mission Statement

To efficiently distribute water and collect sewer waste from Dover residents and businesses. 

Goals for the Department

  • Monitor City’s water production including wells, pumps, generators and emergency backup plans
  • Operate and maintain the lift stations, sewer mains and other related facilities and equipment
  • Prepare technical specifications for the equipment needed for SCADA installations at pump stations Work with the Dover Utilities Commission
  • Oversee the Abatement Review Team 

Current Water & Sewer Rates

The water and sewer rates are reviewed every year and any changes to the rates go into effect July 1.

As of July 1, 2023 the rates are as follows:  

  • Water Rate: $6.59
  • Sewer Rate: $10.26
  • Water Investment Fee $10.99 Gallons Per Day/450 GPD minimum
  • Sewer Investment Fee $6.12 Gallons Per Day/450 GPD minimum

Water & Sewer Billing Schedule

Water & Sewer bills for residential properties are mailed quarterly each year:

  • The first quarter of the calendar year covers roughly January to March and the bill is mailed on or about the end of April.
  • The second quarter of the calendar year covers roughly April to June and the bill is mailed on or about the end of July.
  • The third quarter of the calendar year covers roughly July to September and the bill is mailed on or about the end of October.
  • The fourth quarter of the calendar year covers roughly October to December and the bill is mailed on or about the end of January. Water & Sewer bills for industrial/commercial properties are mailed monthly.

The Water & Sewer Billing division is part of the Finance Department. Click here for the department webpage, which includes hours and contact information. 

Bills may be paid online

Water and sewer bills can be paid online. To make payments, customers must provide their Service ID number, or SID, located on top right of their bill. The payment processing company charges a fee to complete an online transaction. Credit cards or or electronic check (ACH) may be used for payment. Please note: the payment processing company charges a $6.95 per transaction. American Express credit cards are not accepted.

Click here to make an online payment.

Dover Utilities Commission

The Dover Utilities Commission (DUC) is comprised of 7 Members and 1 Alternate Member. The DUC meets the third Monday of every month at the Public Works Facility located at 271 Mast Road. 

Rules & Regulations

2010 DUC Rules and Regulations

Appendix A – Rates for Water & Sewer Department Equipment Services

Appendix B – Water & Sewer Investment Fees

Appendix C – NH Water Usage Standards

Appendix D – Calculation of Investment Fees 

Officers & Duties

Officers of the Board consist of a Chairman and Vice-Chairman who are appointed members. The Chairman presides over all meetings, having such powers and duties normally conferred by parliamentary usage on that office. The Vice-Chairman performs all the duties of the Chairman in his absence or disability. The Vice-Chairman also performs such duties as required by the DUC. In the absence of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman, the members present, by majority vote, may select a temporary chairman who will perform all the duties of the Chairman until such time as the Chairman or Vice-Chairman is again present. The Chairman shall appoint a clerk for the Utility Commission who shall keep minutes and records of the Utilities Commission, supply notice of meetings, attend to correspondence, and prepare and distribute the agenda of regular and special meetings. 


All requests for waivers or appeals to the DUC regulations, abatements and all water and sewer issues, including the applicable Ordinances are to be directed to the Dover Utilities Commission. All requests to meet with the DUC must be received at least two weeks prior to the meeting to allow for proper notification. Appeals of DUC decisions go to the City Council.

All requests for variances or appeals must be made by the property owner, in writing. Written authorization for alternative representation before the commission is required if a property owner holder does not appear before the Commission.

Total variance from the mandatory use requirement (Sewers- Section 1-4) will not be granted as that violates state and federal laws. Time extensions will be granted for good cause allowing more than 90 days for the hook-up period. Conditional variances are possible.

The Dover Utilities Commission recognizes that some buildings might be located in excess of 500 feet from a sewer line while the property line may be within 5 feet. In these situations, the Commission will consider requests for variances and make a decision based on the specific conditions involved. A conditional variance may be granted.

Additional information may be obtained by calling 603-516-6450.