Vision, Mission, Core Values


Community vision, organizational mission and core values are essential elements embedded throughout the framework for performance excellence here in Dover. Included as part of the Community and Organizational Profile is our community’s vision reflecting the ideal quality of life to be achieved here in Dover and the municipal organization’s continuing mission in support of realizing that vision. To support our organization’s mission and achievement of our community’s vision, goals and objectives are established via strategic planning processes. Core values buttress these goals and objectives while also linking together and reinforcing all underlying operational decisions and actions.

The relationship between community vision, organizational mission, goals and objectives, core values and operational decisions and actions is illustrated in the figure below.strat_vision.mission.jpg

Vision Statement

The City of Dover’s overall vision statement as derived from the collective input of citizens, business owners and other key stakeholders interested in the long term future of the community is as follows:

“To be a city with an emerging urban vibrancy guided by a small town sense of community.” 

Mission Statement

The City of Dover’s organizational mission statement reflecting the purpose to be served by the existence and ongoing efforts of our municipal operations is as follows: 

“To provide affordable, high quality municipal services and responsive accessible local governance ensuring all persons the opportunity to enjoy contributing to and being a part of the Dover community.” 

Core Values

The core values representing the beliefs and behaviors by which all members of the City of Dover organization shall conduct ourselves and providing a common basis for making and evaluating all decisions and actions are as follows:strat_corevalues.jpg