Suggest A Purchase

Our library has lots of items, and we try to have the items that you want.  But we can't get everything.  If we don't have the item you are looking for, please ask about it.  If it is a new item, and it fits within our collection development guidelines, we might buy it.  Interlibrary loan is another option although the item has to have been published a minimum of 12 months ago for us to borrow it from another library for you. If you don't know the publication date, you can look online (for example

Please check our catalog to see if we already have it before you request it with this form.

To submit a request:

1. Login to your account on
2. Scroll down and click Your Purchase Suggestions.
3. Click New Purchase Suggestion.
4. Enter as much information as you can and be sure to let us know what item type you're requesting (for example DVD).

Watch a tutorial on these steps here.

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