Distinctly Dover


On Tuesday, April 18, city staff and representatives from Distinctly Dover, the Master Plan's Vision Chapter update project, held drop-in events at various locations throughout the city to discuss the draft community vision. The draft was presented as eight “vision pillars” that were based on the input of hundreds of Dover residents and stakeholders.

Those unable to attend a drop-in event on April 18, provided their feedback on our online poll.  

The vision pillars represent Dover’s Community Vision for 2035, and the pillars will guide the drafting of the Vision Chapter update. Please review the draft below. 

Distinctly Dover: Draft Vision Pillars

  • We are a welcoming, connected, and engaged community with a high level of civic participation and a transparent, responsible local government.
  • We are a city with an emerging urban vibrancy, guided by intentional growth to create connected neighborhoods, attractive streetscapes, and accessible open space, while maintaining what makes Dover distinct.
  • We have an attractive, thriving downtown, connected to a lively waterfront, that serves as a city center and gathering place, and is known as a destination for visitors, businesses, and community events.
  • We have affordable and attainable housing and support services that are accessible to, and utilized by, individuals, families, and households of diverse backgrounds and needs.
  • We are a community committed to supporting, attracting, and expanding business and employment opportunities that foster economic growth and community well-being.
  • We have a robust transportation system that encourages safe and appealing pedestrian, transit, and other alternative transportation options that connect us to the broader region.
  • We have outstanding schools, recreation, and cultural activities for all ages, and our community organizations collaborate to provide us a strong foundation and promising future.
  • We are leaders in incorporating innovation to create resilient and environmentally focused infrastructure, energy, and utility systems to responsibly steward our resources and cherished environment.

Past Visioning Events

Engagement efforts for Distinctly Dover, the Vision Chapter update project, began in October, 2022. Since then, there have been two tabling efforts at community events, an online poll, a virtual visioning session, and 10 Vision on the Go sessions with community groups. In total, over 400 Dover residents and stakeholders have provided their input towards the Community Vision for 2035.

On Tuesday, April 18, the draft community vision, based on the received input, was shared at the locations listed below. Attendees provided addition feedback on the draft vision and the direction of the update project. To review the draft vision, and provide feedback, please click here

On Thursday, Feb. 9, a Virtual Visioning Session was held to gather input Dover residents on their thoughts for the future of Dover. The group discussed what they saw as the strengths of Dover, concerns for the future, and the vision for Dover in 2035.  

You can also view the Virtual Visioning Session by clicking here.


Every 5-10 years, the City reviews and updates the chapters of its Master Plan, which is used to shape city and community policy decisions and is particularly useful in defining land use regulations and long-term capital budgeting priorities.

The Vision Chapter of the Master Plan is a unique chapter that captures the long term view of the City, as told by Dover residents, and serves as a foundation on which all of the remaining chapters of the Master Plan are built.

The previous Vision Chapter, completed in 2012, was titled Dover 2023, Building Our Tomorrow and can be viewed here. The chapter is a culmination of more than five months of extensive public outreach efforts and  presents an expansive statement of what Dover residents wanted the City to become in the year 2023.

Now, the City has begun the process of updating the Vision Chapter based on the feedback of Dover residents.

The project is called Distinctly Dover, A Community Vision for 2035. 

If you have questions about the Vision Chapter, or how to get involved with the update, please contact Erin Bassegio in the Planning Department.