CIP - Public Works

The Public Works portion of the proposed fiscal years 2024-2029 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) totals $7,656,701 in FY2024. More information about the first-year requests can be found below. Refer to the CIP book a complete list of projects proposed for fiscal years 2025 through 2029.

Heavy Equipment

The City’s inventory of vehicles and equipment includes nearly 130 units with a replacement value of $8.9 million. This includes 16 large dump trucks and four loaders for snow removal. 

Project replacements for FY2024 include:

  • 2002 Freightliner 10-wheel dump and plow
  • 2011 Holder sidewalk tractor with sander
  • Upgrade bucket truck for improved reach, stability and safety. Old unit has no outriggers and is on Ford F-350 chassis.

Cost: $500,000

General Street Improvements

This projects addresses annual road paving based on the City's road surface management program.

Cost: $2,435,109

General Sidewalk Improvements

This allocation addresses the annual management program for sidewalk replacements.

Cost: $131,592

Bridge Improvements

This funding would be used to develop a bridge maintenance master plan that evaluates all 11 city-owned bridges and prioritizes maintenance, preservation, rehabilitation, and replacement projects to be included in future CIP projects.

Cost: $200,000

Drainage System Improvements

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Phase II stormwater regulations require improvements to systems to improve water quality. This project is for upgrades and continued maintenance of the city’s stormwater infrastructure.

Cost: $300,000

Traffic Signal Upgrades/Traffic Calming

This project funds the annual replacement and upgrade of the city's 35 traffic signals and associated equipment on a rotating basis. Additionally, this project supports traffic calming and safety measures. This ongoing maintenance will reduce the need for the city to undertake citywide retiming and equipment projects. 

Cost: $90,000

Bridge Deck Replacement – Chestnut Street

During the repair of the expansion joints on the Chestnut Street bridge in 2017, engineers noted that the sidewalk and bridge deck exhibited some deterioration. The city hired a consultant to investigate and develop plans for repairs. The project consists of removing the pavement from the bridge deck, fixing deficiencies, and reconstructing the concrete sidewalks. The existing bridge railing will remain.

The city put this previous CIP project out to bid with no responses, and additional funding is necessary for construction administration support.

Cost: $900,000

Cochecho River Drainage Outfall Replacement

The project involves replacing existing stormwater drainage from the Cochecho River outfall to the Portland Avenue retaining wall.

In 2020, the 60-inch storm drainage pipe collapsed and failed under private marina property. The pipe has been repaired through an emergency fix; however, the segment remains in poor condition. There is an urgency to replace the line to properly handle the large stormwater flows generated from the 270-acre watershed area consisting of neighborhoods bounded on the east by Broadway and to the west by Central Avenue, extending up to Garrison Hill. Eversource will conduct a soil remediation project on the site and excavate near the existing stone box culvert. There is a benefit to collaborating with the proposed Eversource work to replace the box culvert.

Cost: $1,000,000

Portland Avenue Retaining Wall

The retaining wall along Portland Avenue, near the intersection with Cochecho Street and adjacent to the marina, shows signs of distress.

Via FY2022 CIP, funds were approved to evaluate the wall for repair or replacement. The city hired a consultant to assess the wall and concluded the wall required replacement in its entirety. The sidewalk along the wall will be reconstructed wider, and a crash-tested railing will be installed.

Cost: $100,000

Street Reconstruction – Court and Union streets

This project includes comprehensive upgrades to Court Street from Central Avenue to Hubbard Road and Union Street from Central Avenue to Court Street, utilizing the city's Complete Streets and Traffic Calming policy. Improvements include the installation of sidewalks and curb and drainage upgrades. This project will also provide flood mitigation and stormwater runoff reduction.

Cost: $1,000,000

Street Reconstruction – Fifth and Grove streets

This project implements improvements to Fifth Street, from Central Avenue to Fourth Street, and to Grove Street, from Sixth Street to Third Street, utilizing the city's Complete Streets and Traffic Calming policy. The project includes include pedestrian, drainage, and street tree improvements. By improving the existing drainage, the project will provide water quality benefits within the Great Bay watershed. This project is underway but requires additional funding due to cost increases.

Cost: $1,000,000