CIP - Public Works

CIP - Public Works

The Public Works portion of the proposed CIP totals $4,473,059 in FY2022. More information about the first year requests can be found below. Refer to the CIP book for FY2022-27 for a complete list of proposed projects for fiscal years 2023 through 2027.

Heavy Equipment

The City’s inventory of vehicles and equipment includes nearly 130 units with a replacement value of $7.9 million. This includes 16 large dump trucks and four loaders for snow removal. The oldest equipment consists of a 1985 Blanchette snowblower; 2000 John Deere 544H loader; 2000 International 4900 plow truck; and a 2000 Diamond roadside mower that needs parts.

Cost: $400,000

General Street Improvements

This projects addresses annual road paving based on the City's road surface management program.

Cost: $2,251,395

General Sidewalk Improvements

This allocation addresses the annual management program for sidewalk replacements.

Cost: $121,664

Bridge Improvements

This allocation addresses annual bridge maintenance based on the City's bridge repair program for its 11 bridges.

Cost: $160,000

Drainage System Improvements

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Phase II stormwater regulations require improvements to systems to improve water quality.

Cost: 200,000

Traffic Signal Upgrades/Traffic Calming

This project will fund annual upgrades and replacements for the City's 33 traffic signal equipment on a rotating basis. It will also add traffic calming and safety. This ongoing maintenance reduces the need to undertake citywide retiming and equipment projects.

Cost: $90,000

Chestnut Street Bridge Replacement

During the repair of the expansion joints on the Chestnut Street Bridge in 2017, inspectors noted that the sidewalk and bridge deck had some deterioration. The City hired a consultant, GM2, to investigate and develop plans for repairs. The repairs call for removing the bridge deck, with the underneath concrete repaired and resurfaced, and sidewalk replacement. The existing guardrail will remain.

Cost: $250,000

Street Reconstruction – Court and Union streets

This project will design complete upgrades to Court Street from Central Avenue to Middle/Back roads and Union Street. The project would include sidewalks and drainage improvements. Similar to Silver Street, the project would be a Complete Streets update.

Cost: $200,000

Street Reconstruction – Fifth and Grove streets

This project will design improvements to sections of Fifth and Grove streets. The Fifth Street improvements would be between Chestnut to Fourth streets; the Grove Street improvements would be between Fourth and Sixth streets. Improvements would include pedestrian, drainage and street tree improvements.

Cost: $100,000

Street Reconstruction - Broadway and Oak, Elm and Ela streets

This project will design and repair the infrastructure in the Oak, Ham, Ela and Broadway area of the city. The project will include improvements to streets, drainage, and sidewalks. The project will also include water and sewer design and repairs funded by the appropriate enterprise fund.

Cost: $450,000

Portland Avenue Retaining Wall

The retaining wall along Portland Avenue near Cochecho Street shows signs of distress. Engineering staff recommends a stability analysis to see if the City should reinforce, repair, or replace the retaining wall, critical to supporting the structural integrity of that section of Portland Avenue.

Cost: $250,000