CIP - TIF Funds

CIP - TIF Funds

The TIF Funds portion of the proposed CIP totals $180,000 in FY2022. More information about the first year requests can be found below. Refer to the CIP book for FY2022-27 for a complete list of proposed projects for fiscal years 2023 through 2026.

Dredge Cell Closure at Maglaras Park

This project will close the dredge cell, create a parking lot, and upgrade the access road from the Washington Street Bridge that will also be tied into the waterfront development project.

Cost: $100,000

Street Reconstruction – Henry Law Avenue Phase 3

This project would reconstruct Henry Law Avenue from Washington Street to River Street. The reconstruction would include pedestrian and vehicular improvements, and drainage and parking improvements. The roadway condition has been in poor shape for many years, and repairs have been postponed until after other improvements needed in Henry Law Park and the area surrounding the park were completed.

Cost: $80,000