Impact Fee Development

Projects That Are Affected:

Impact fees may be assessed to new development to compensate the City and the School District for the proportional share of capital facilities generated by new development in the City of Dover. Any person who seeks a building permit for new development may be required to pay an impact fee in the manner set forth.

Why Do We Need Them?

The City felt that Impact Fees were a way to mitigate unintended consequences of growth.

Specifically, impact fees are meant to pay for the impacts to capital facilities caused by development.

The enabling legislation also requires that the fees only be used for the purposes for which they are collected.

Can I get a waiver?

Full or partial waivers of impact fees may be granted when the Planning Board finds that one or more of the following criteria are met with respect to the particular public capital facilities for which impact fees are normally assessed:

a. For those residential units that are lawfully restricted to occupancy by senior citizens age 62 or over in a development that is also maintained in compliance with the provisions of RSA 354-A: 15, Housing For Older Persons.

b. For construction within a subdivision or site plan approved by the Planning Board prior to the effective date of this ordinance. This waiver shall not be applicable to phases of a phased development project where active and substantial development, building and construction has not yet occurred in the phase in which construction is proposed.

c. In lieu of a cash payment, a proposed contribution of real property or facility improvements of equivalent value and utility to the public.

When is the Fee Assessed?

All impact fees shall be assessed prior to, or as a condition for, the issuance of a building permit or other appropriate permission to proceed with development, as determined by the Building Inspector.


During the Spring and Summer of 2008, the Planning Department hired a consultant to review and recommend fees for Recreation and Public Safety. Additionally, the consultant reviewed the School fee. Click on the subject area to review the specific reports in PDF format. Click here to read the previous methodology used to develop the school impact fee.

More Information  

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