Correlation to Master Plan

Correlation to Master Plan

The Land Use Analysis recommendations adopted November 29, 2007 by the City of Dover outlines ten goals, all of which relate to the promotion of a sustainable City, including sustainable growth.  

The Transportation chapter of the Master Plan, adopted in 2000, and amended March 8, 2005, contain policies that promote community livability, congestion mitigation, and a multimodal transportation system which are important aspects of a sustainable community.

The Recreation chapter of the Master Plan adopted on January 13, 2009 focuses on ensuring the parks and facilities of the City meet current and future needs of residents.

The Open Space chapter and Natural and Historic Resources chapter recommendations adopted on May 23, 2000 have been implemented to provide a City inventory and protect resources now and in the future.

The Community Facilities and Utilities recommendations adopted on December 15, 2009 promote growth and development that is sustainable and the creation of an Energy Action Plan which was adopted by City Council in March 2008.

The Sustainability Plan will seek to address these individual components holistically and provide community-recognized sustainability practices and principles as a framework to guide future Master Plan updates and initiatives.