Community Response and Enforcement Unit – CREU

Community Response and Engagement Unit – CREU

The Community Response and Engagement Unit or “CREU” is comprised of the Dover Housing Liaison Officer, the Problem Oriented Police Officer, the Mounted Patrol Unit, and the Dover High School and Middle School Resource Officers.  There is a Sergeant assigned to oversee the unit.

Each of the positions within the CREU allow for officers to interact with the community in a more proactive manner than that of the normal patrol officer responding to calls for service.  These positions allow for officers to focus more on education of the community in working toward the prevention of crimes or becoming a victim of a crime. 

  • Dover Housing Liaison Officer: Assigned to handle calls for service as well as education and interaction with residents of all Dover Housing Authority properties, as well as Whittier Falls.
  • Dover Downtown Liaison Officer: Tasked with implementing community policing initiatives, aggressive preventative patrols, and conduct investigations into incidents that occur in the downtown area. The officer patrols on bicycle, in a cruiser, and on foot. The officer works to develop citizen and merchant support, while creating a collaborative environment to ensure that all of the stakeholders play a role in developing and maintaining a healthy and safe environment and improving the quality of life for residents in the downtown area.
  • Problem Oriented Police Officer: This is a grant funded position in which the department can assign the officer to focus on areas of the city in which there are in increase in criminal activity or other quality of life type issues.  One example may be locations in the city which experience a sudden increase in graffiti.  The officer would work with business owners on prevention methods while also working to apprehend potential suspects.
  • School Resource Officers: The Dover Police Department has a police officer in both the Dover High School and the Dover Middle School.  These officers are assigned to the school full time during normal hours of operation, and are there for a measure of increased safety as well as to act as a police department liaison for students and staff.    

Virtual Neighborhood Watch

The Virtual Neighborhood Watch initiative allows residents and businesses to register their security cameras with the Dover Police Department.

For more information or to register your camera, visit our sign-up page here:

Virtual Neighborhood Watch

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