Employee of the Quarter

Employee of the Quarter

Prosecutor Chelsea Lane

Although Chelsea has only been with the department for a year, she quickly assimilated into our agency and made an immediate impact. Her professionalism, combined with her down to earth approachability has improved everything from our patrol officer’s understanding of the court process to the fairness of our adjudication.

 As stated by Sgt. Mitrushi, “Her positive attitude, commitment to teamwork, and her passion for justice make her a great asset to the department. Whether it’s her daily attendance at shift briefings or her constant communication with officers, Chelsea ensures that the department is getting the best support possible from the Prosecutor’s Office. In the year that she has been with the Department, Chelsea has helped officers improve their ability to develop probable cause during certain investigations by providing officers with guidance, examples, case law, and specific questions to ask suspects during interviews. She is always willing to read court documents and provide guidance and recommendations. She has also updated sample complaint verbiage for some of our more common arrests. This has streamlined the process for officers. Chelsea is also very invested in the department and eager to remain up to date on current shift activity. She monitors active calls for service and is always willing to offer advice from the court perspective. She meets daily with officers and supervisors to provide updates on current cases, court dispositions, and other procedural matters. Chelsea is also quick to respond to questions, even if it is after hours or on her days off. This type of communication ensures better investigations and improves the court process, which adds to the overall professionalism of the Dover Police Department.”

 Officer Cooper added, “Chelsea has an open door policy and is always willing to provide guidance and/or assistance to any and all staff. Chelsea takes pride in her work. I find it very helpful that she reviews cases with officers, in depth, prior to trials.”

 Lisa Lawson further noted, “She is always willing to take time out of her day to assist others with legal questions or matters. She is a hard worker and extremely dedicated to her position. In addition, she has put into practice a procedure which benefits our agency, the court and the general public. She is writing up offer letters for each defendant to be mailed out long before their must appear court date. As a result, many plea agreements have been made before their arraignment or scheduled trial date. This cuts down on continuances and prevents our officers (and witnesses) from appearing at court. It not only saves our department time and money, but is beneficial to many others.”

 Chelsea brings with her an enthusiasm for police work and a positive attitude that encourages others to do the same. Chelsea is a true team player, and very deserving of this quarter’s Employee of the Quarter.




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