Employee of the Quarter

Employee of the Quarter

Employee of the Quarter - Patti Powers 

In her role as Victim/Witness Advocate, Patti is responsible for communicating with all victims and witnesses for the police department’s misdemeanor cases.  Patti’s experience in this role and her passion for her job allow her to provide valuable insight on various cases.  As a result, she provides a consistent voice for victims of crime.  Furthermore, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Patti went above and beyond to help the prosecution office remain functional by assisting with court paperwork, scheduling, drafting complaints, and more.   Patti was also directly involved in the selection process for the department’s police prosecutor and she played a key role in setting in up our prosecution files to ease the transition.  All of this was done in addition to her own work.

As Detective Tim Burt stated in his nomination:  “Patti has continually gone above and beyond to assist with daily court paperwork and other issues related to Prosecution. She is a steady and helpful presence here in the building during the pandemic and she has been instrumental in helping Brian Estee retire and Chelsea Lane get started off on the right foot. She did all this while keeping engaged with our crime victims and witnesses. Patti’s constant willingness to help is a great example to be modelled after.”

Patti continues to be team player with an outstanding work ethic.

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