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EasyPark devices must be clearly visible on the curb side of the vehicle or on the curbside side window to be valid.

EasyPark devices must be displayed on the curb side window or curb side of the dashboard so it is clearly visible to the parking officer. 

Progressive Pricing and EasyPark Devices:

The EasyPark device will only allow two hours at the $1/hr rate each day.  If you use 90 minutes in the morning and shut the device off, but come back at night, it will continue at the $1/hr rate only for the remaining 30 minutes, then move to the $2/hr rate and so on.    Turning the device off and on does not reset it.   Resets happen at midnight each evening. 

Need help with your EasyPark?  

We can now update your device and help you add funds at the Parking Bureau located on the bottom floor of City Hall.   Best to call to make an appointment 516-6132 or send an e-mail to parking@dover.nh.gov.   Assistance is available Monday-Thursday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm; and Friday 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

If your device is showing the code SRVC, this means that you need to update your device through the www.easyparkusa.com web site.  Most likely it has been a while since you synchronized the device and it needs to upload the data stored on it.   The device can only hold 30 parking sessions in its memory before not being able to be used.  Synchronizing the device will remedy the issue.


Your EasyPark in-vehicle parking meter affords you several advantages:

Easy Park Device

  • No longer need to go to the meter. Just turn your EasyPark on for the zone you are in and enjoy your visit downtown;
  • No longer have to predict how long you will be parked. Just turn the device off when you are done;
  • Pay by the minute. No one hour minimum for credit cards or 20 minutes for coins/tokens;
  • You can turn it on before the hours of meter operation. It won’t start charging until 9 a.m.;
  • You don’t have to come out to turn it off. The EasyPark will stop charging once meter hours end;
  • It will remind you every 60 seconds with a tone in the event you drive away and don’t turn it off.
GETTING STARTED - You will need internet access to use the EasyPark system.
  • Call the 1-800 number on the device and EasyPark will send you an e-mail to set up your account. There is a $1.10/month or $11.00/year account fee which gets you a free battery replacement as well as on-line access to account activity reports. 
  • $3.25 fee for reloads up to $50; $3.75 for $60-$70; and $4.25 for $80-$100.

 Questions? Call (603) 516-6132

EasyPark Instructions

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