Pay by Plate On-Street Meters

Using Pay by Plate

The City of Dover utilizes solar-powered, multi-space Pay by Plate meters for parking payment throughout downtown. To use, you will need your plate number and go to the nearest meter. Pay for the allotted time by coins or credit/debit card. The meter will issue a receipt you can take with you to remind you of the expiration time. The meters do not accept bills. You may extend your visit from any on-street meter or one in the Belknap, Orchard or Indoor Pool lots. Meters in the Third Street, Fourth Street and Portland Avenue lots can only be used for parking in those locations.

You may also extend your visit through the Pay by Phone option of the FLOWBIRD app. You will need your plate number and set up an account with FLOWBIRD.

Credit card users should allow around ten seconds for the payment to be authorized. Once approved, hit the green add time button to the desired amount of paid parking time, and then print the receipt.

Common issues people experience when using the meters is not inserting the credit card into the meter completely, or pulling the credit card out too rapidly for the meter to read the card.

The minimum charge for coins is 25 cents. The minimum charge for credit card payments is $1.

Pay-by-Plate Parking Meter Operating Instructions


Dover's multi-space meters are used Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., excluding designated parking holidays. The only exception is the Orchard Street Garage, which is paid parking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including designated parking holidays.


As long as you are on the same street you made your purchase. If you move to another street you need to start a new session. 


Parking meter rates depend on location.

Orchard Street Garage, Third Street lot, and Fourth Street lot

$1 per hour

Transportation Lot

50 cents an hour, $3 a day, or $15 for 14 days.

On-street, Indoor Pool lot, Orchard Street surface lot and Belknap lot

These parking spaces utilize progressive pricing, meaning the cost to park increases the longer a vehicle is parked.

Progressive Pricing Meter Rates

Hours 1 & 2         $1/hour

Hours 3 & 4         $2/hour

Hours 5+             $3/hour

Downtown parking is free at on-street spaces only for stops less than 15 minutes. Longer visits require payment for the entire length of the visit. 

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