Option 4

Option 4

Renovation/Addition - Option B


This option involves renovation of the gymnasium and auditorium, and contiguous new construction immediately west of the gym and auditorium.

The following pros and cons of this options were identified as:


  • Creates small learning communities and integrates the CTE and the academic programs
  • Generally good solar orientation
  • The existing barn can be reused and there is easy access to it
  • Access around the building, while not complete, will provide safety vehicles access to all sides of the building


  • New construction is adjacent to the existing building so that there will be some impact on the students and teachers. The west parking lot will no longer be accessible
  • The renovations of the Gym and Auditorium would need to be done during the summer and thus might lengthen the construction period beyond an all-new construction option. A new ball field and basketball courts would need to be constructed.

This option achieves the educational goals and does not cause major disruption to the ongoing education of the students. The JBC voted to pursue this as one of the options to be more fully developed and then to proceed with cost estimating for it.