The library has a variety of tools for making things. Some are available upon request, for borrowing, or for using in the library.

3d Print

3D Printer

The Library has an Ultimaker 2+ 3d printer available for printing 3d designs for Dover Public Library card holders. Choose something from Thingiverse, or make something yourself with Tinkercad or other modeling software.

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Memory Lab

Memory Lab

Convert your memories that are stored on photographs, VHS or cassette tapes to digital files so that they will be available when those media are obsolete.

Maker Tools

Use tools like the Cricut precision cutter, photo scanner, professional Photobox, and others, right in the library! Digitize your memories that are stored in photos, VHS, or cassette tapes. Cut shapes with precision with our Cricut Maker.

Looking to use the Digital Converter for VHS tapes? The item can now be checked out! Reserve it here with your Library Account!

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Check out Maker Tools

Try something new!  Find your new creative outlet by trying the Dover Public Library’s new Maker Tools.  Maker Tools let you try new crafting techniques such as screen-printing or glass fusing, without investing in the tools.  We also have tools that you might only need a couple of times in your life and don’t want to purchase yourself, like a mat cutter or electric staple gun. 

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