Resilient Dover


Resilient Dover contains resources and updates pertaining to the City's commitment to become a more resilient community. Specific information and resources can be accessed though the various Resilient Dover subpages: 

Climate Resources 

  • Contains a compiled and categorized list of resources related to climate change. 
  • The Climate Forum Planning Committee with support from UNH Extension, NH Sea Grant and Strafford Regional Planning Commission developed fact sheets and videos to assist with the content contained within the resources. 

Path To Resilience 

  • The Path To Resilience was developed to highlight projects and actions the City has taken over the last decade to address the impacts of climate change. 
  • The timeline contains links that will redirect users to the included projects and documents. 
  • A next steps section is also included that highlights initiatives that municipal staff are currently engaged with. 

Citywide Resilience Plan 

  • The City's Resilience Coordinator is currently compiling a Citywide Resilience Plan.  
  • This subpage contains updates regarding the progress of the Plan. 
  • A draft outline is currently available. 

Green Tips

  • Dover's Plastic Waste Reduction Group regularly publishes green tips. 
  • This page contains an archive of those green tips to help inform the community on how we can all reduce our single use plastic waste.