Adult Fitness Classes

Shape up with Lisa!
Instructor: Lisa Hergott
Please note: Due to space constraints we are not able to offer make-up classes between Lisa's classes - you are only able to participate in the session you are signed up for - thanks for understanding!

Interval Strength: A heart-pumping fat-burning fun workout that will challenge your entire body. This class mixes cardio exercises to increase your heart rate with weight training exercises to build strength. You will burn fat, build muscle, boost your metabolism and stay highly motivated to reach your fitness goals. All levels welcome!

Interval Strength - Tues/Thurs
September 13 - October 20, 2022
Times:  4:30-5:30pm
$72/residents; $84/non-residents; $8/drop in as space allows

Dance with Anita Remig!
Everyone can dance. Group dance is invigorating and joyful. This dance exercise class brings you strengthening, aerobics, refined movement and moderate pace of movement. We will emphasize body mechanics, comportment, isometrics and mindfulness. Come learn some basic dance steps and get a good workout.
As the class begins, we come together at the center of the floor for basic dance stretches, muscle warming, toning and light weight training. We then use the movements learned at the center to move across the floor for more aerobics and sustained movement. We end each class with a dance of the arms (port de bras) to wind down and slow our movement and breath.
This class is ideal for people who like to dance, who wish to get into good shape and who would like calm movement. It offers easy steps and moderate tempo. People of any age are welcome; yet this class supports people over 55 years old to keep moving or begin an exercise series. If you want to get stronger and fitter, but want a moderate paced class, please join us.
Cost: $30/residents; $36/non-residents; $8/drop-ins when space allows

How do I register?
Registration for any of our programs can be completed at the McConnell Center (Door # 3) during normal business hours. Space will be limited so sign up early!

Click here to download our registration form.