Parking Permit Information

Parking PAll parking permits are for use in designated areas only and do not guarantee an available parking space. For information regarding permit availability, contact the Parking Bureau at (603) 516-6132 during business hours.

Business parking permits (for downtown employees) may be purchased on a monthly basis or for extended periods on a first-come, first-serve basis subject to the maximum subscription capacity in any lot. These permits are transferable, as long as they are conspicuously displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle and fully visible from the exterior of the vehicle.

Resident parking permits are available for qualified units that have no off-street parking and are within 200’ of a designated municipal parking area, though some additional restrictions may apply. These permits are not transferable. The bearer must provide proof of residency and a contact phone number. The permit is not intended to authorize continuous long term day parking. All permits may be purchased directly from the Parking Bureau,  at City Hall ground floor (Locust Street side), Monday through Friday between 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM.

Vehicle owners may be required to move their vehicles to accommodate snow removal or other maintenance. The Police Department will attempt to contact the permit holder at their phone number of record, unless the affected area has been posted for a minimum of 12 hours in advance of the maintenance work.

For a map showing permit locations in the downtown area, click here: Municipal Lot Locations.

Business Hours Parking: Monday - Friday 9 AM to 7 PM (excluding Holidays)

Parking Permit Rates

Belknap LotSOLD OUTNot Available
Fourth/Chestnut St Lot$20.00 per month$20.00 per month
Locust St Lot
$45.00 per month 
$20.00 per month
Orchard Street Garage$50.00 per month$20.00 per month
Portland Ave (Grimes) Lot$15.00 per monthNot Available
River St Lot$15.00 per monthNot Available
Third St Lot$30.00 per month$20.00 per month


On-Street Permit Rates

Chapel Street$35.00 per month    Not Available
First Street$45.00 per month 
$20.00 per month
Green Street$20.00 per month 
Not Available 
Kirkland Street$20.00 per monthNot Available
Main Street$35.00 per month$20.00 per month
Second Street$45.00 per month$20.00 per month

* Resident parking permits are only available for qualified residents who have no off-street parking and are within 200’ of a qualified resident parking area.  

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